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We have been serving northwest Florida for the past 8 years and we are known for our honesty when dealing with all customers!. We buy and sell US and Foreign coins, gold & silver bullion and scrap silver and gold. We have very experienced and friendly staff that sets us apart from all the others! We encourage you to compare!

For honesty, fair prices and outstanding customer service, Emerald Coast Coins should be you only stop for buying or selling your coin collection or scrap gold/silver.  Remember, coin dealers and gold buyers are "popping up" all over.  Go with someone that has been well established. NEVER LEAVE your COLLECTION with a dealer without getting a RECEIPT.  Check with the Better Business Bureau to check for history of complaints.

Our coins are guaranteed with a ten day return policy. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly exchange your coin or refund your purchase price as long as the coin is in its original holder. Feel free to contact us at Emerald Coast Coins or you can call or stop by when visiting the Pensacola area.


Coin & Currency Collections and  Inherited Coins:

  If you have inherited coins and need help with appraising them, we can help with that.  If you  do not collect coins and don't know what to do with them we will gladly give you a quote for purchasing them.  Again, we encourage you to compare others for this service and then see how we compare! 

What Coins do we buy?

 What Coins do we buy?   We buy all types of coins and currency; U.S. or Foreign.

Scrap Gold & Silver:


What is scrap gold and silver, and what do we buy?.

Scrap gold and silver is usually broken or mismatched pieces of jewelry that is no longer wanted. This could be rings, necklaces or even watches and bracelets. When you send or bring in your unwanted jewelry, we will check it for gold content, weigh it and then offer you a price.

Why should you sell us your scrap gold?

Emerald Coast Coins prides itself on honesty, fair prices and outstanding customer service. We continually OFFER MORE when purchasing this type of gold so don't be fooled by radio and TV commercials stating that they will give you "the best price", “Highest price guaranteed” or even gold parties. Most of these are ploys to get you in the door and then they offer you much less than what you could receive, so come deal with someone you can trust! A lot of our business comes from referrals and this is the best kind of adverting any business can receive!


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